Important Dates for Upcoming Event Info

Xmas Gathering -  3rd December 2017

The Annual Retreat Dates -  3rd May - 6th May 2018
Ticket Sale Date - SOLD OUT

Wool, Wine & Workshops - 2018
Sit & Knit (Saturdays) - 23rd June 2018, 22nd September 2018, 27th October 2018
Workshops (Sundays) - 24th June 2018, 23rd September 2018, 28th October 2018
Accommodation (weekends) - 23/24th June 2018, 22/23rd September 2018, 27/28th October 2018

Our Fabulous Teachers

We have some wonderfully talented teachers who are thrilled to be able to offer you class content to make your Wool Gathering a truly memorable experience.  Get to know them a little ……

Libby Jonson

Libby Jonson


Hi! I’m Libby, a knitting pattern designer living in beautiful New Zealand with my husband and our four kids.

I live in rural New Zealand with my husband, our teenage son, his three younger sisters, our dog and a menagerie of farm animals. I knit every day, sew most of my own clothes, do a heap of cooking and make things as much as I can.

I’m passionate about supporting and celebrating handmade and homemade and enjoy making my own clothes. I love to design garments and accessories that are flattering and easy to wear and feminine without being fussy. As a mum I understand that life is full of interruptions so my patterns are full of fun techniques that are simple to learn and they are written clearly so they’re easy to follow. I include both written instructions and charts where possible and lots of links to tutorials. Often my patterns are designed with a whole handmade outfit in mind and nothing pleases me more than a photoshoot full of handmade clothes!

You can find Libby at Truly Myrtle.

Classes:     Knit to Fit (Friday), Sweater Skills (Saturday)

Georgie Nicolson

Georgie Nicolson


Georgie began knitting when she was very young at her mother’s feet. There has not been a time throughout her life that she hasn’t knit. With the birth of her first child in 2005, she discovered the world of seamless knitting which set her on a journey of designing her own patterns.

Since then, Georgie has self published over 100 knitting patterns including the very popular Milo and Granny’s Favourite. Her designs aim to capture a timeless feel with simple lines and classic shapes. Georgie likes to experiment with both form and structure, and constantly seeks to challenge familiar and traditional construction techniques and approaches in her designs. Georgie’s approach to knitting design follows the principles of seamless and simple. Her patterns are renowned for their attention to detail and clarity of instructions, with her aim being to create patterns that fit in with the busyness of the everyday, so you can steal a row or two, no matter where you are.

She believes it is every knitters’ fundamental responsibility to pass on the skill to the next generation and to encourage a culture within our society that values the traditional domestic arts as true and valuable expressions of creativity. Both her children are knitters too.

When she’s not out adventuring with her two water loving children and husband, you can find her at tikkiknits.

Classes:     The Yoke of Perfection: Seamless Circular Yokes (Friday); Edges of Awesomeness – Casting on and Casting off (Saturday); Darn It! Mending & Repairing Hand Knits (Sunday)

Clare Devine

Clare Devine


Clare discovered her passion for knitting as she wandered along the trails of the Bibbulmun track in Western Australia back in 2011. Since then, wherever she’s wandered she’s taken her yarn and a pair of pointy sticks with her.

Originally from South Africa, Clare was born with a wandering spirit and has spent most of her adult life on the move. After immersing herself in the wonderful Scottish knitting scene she started moving south, first to near London and then on to Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia – her new home.

She is passionate about creating beautiful designs that inspire knitters to try new techniques and expand their knitting repertoire. Clare has shared her love of knitting, through workshops in Scotland, England and Australia. She believes there is something uniquely wonderful about a group of knitters coming together to develop new skills and share their passion for fibre craft.

When she is not knitting Clare can be found, fulfilling her two other creative passions, writing about knitting or taking photographs of knitting.

You can find Clare at Knit Share Love.

Classes:     Socks – an Introduction (Sunday)

Janet (Day) Knoop

Janet (Day) Knoop


I am a textile artist and tutor and I have a passion for fibre, spinning and textured weaving.

I have a background in Fashion and Design and attended the Emily McPherson College pre-RMIT in Melbourne.  I worked in the fashion industry for many years and really enjoyed my time with Vogue Colours as a Colour consultant.  In 2001 I attended a hand spinning class run by the ladies of Horsham and I instantly knew that I had found a craft that nourished my creative side.  I was fortunate to be taught by highly qualified and respected hand spinners who valued the  foundation techniques of hand spinning and fibre preparation.  So when I discovered art yarn spinning through Lexi Boeger, I had a sound basis upon which to explore more adventurous techniques.

I now tutor at the Victorian Hand Weavers and Spinners Guild as well as run workshops on spinning and colour nationally and internationally.  I have exhibited my works in various exhibitions and sell my yarn and hand dyed fibre batts to knitters and spinners all over the world.

I am passionate about sharing and helping build the popularity of this craft and I love to share information in order to do that. 

You can find Janet at My Spin On Things.

Classes:    Spinning for Beginners (Friday), Art Yarns (Saturday), Drop Spindle (Sunday)

Shelley Husband

Shelley Husband


Living on the south west coast of Victoria with her hubby and teenagers, Shelley spends much of her time with a crochet hook in hand. She discovered a natural knack for it a few years ago and hasn’t looked back. She loves nothing more than designing new patterns that extend your crochet skills, gently challenging and encouraging you to create timeless, classic pieces sure to be admired and appreciated.

Seamless crochet is a real passion for Shelley and she has lots of tips and tricks to make your crochet look the best it possibly can, using techniques she has combined and tweaked as she’s designed over the past few years.

Shelley has taught crochet in person at many workshops in Victoria from near her home in Portland, to Warrnambool and of course Wool Gathering. She also teaches people all around the world via her annual Crochet-A-Long projects on her blog and YouTube.

Shelley has written 7 crochet ebooks with plans for more and perhaps even a print book in 2018

You can find Shelley at Spincushions.

Classes:    Beginners Crochet (Friday), Amigurumi (Saturday), Tunisian Crochet (Sunday)

Briony Singleton

Briony Singleton


Briony is an independent yarn colourist, teacher and knitwear designer based in south east Melbourne.  Her passion for craft lead her to yarn dyeing in 2012.  This provided her the opportunity to share her knowledge through teaching others both locally and internationally.  A few years later knitwear design was added into the mix.

A typical day will find Briony dyeing and experimenting with dye techniques in the mornings, and knitting in the afternoons.  Her latest yarn evolution is utilising local yarn and combining with natural dyes.

When she was younger, Briony nearly ran away with the local circus!  The only clowning around she has time for is with her two young boys.

You can find Briony at by briony yarn artist.

Classes:  Dyeing for Beginners (Friday), Beyond the Basics (Saturday), Natural Dyeing (Sunday)

Prue Simmons

Prue Simmons

SAORI Weaving

Whilst exploring the remote areas of Japan in 2007, Prue stumbled upon a village devoted to traditional and contemporary Japanese handicrafts in the mountains of Honshu. Learning the Japanese art of SAORI weaving and natural dye techniques, Prue remained in the mountains under the tutelage of Toyomi Harada, a renowned SAORI weaver.

SAORI is a freestyle form of Japanese weaving that encourages freedom of creativity to produce original ‘human-made’ textiles. Free from the fear of making ‘mistakes’, it allows the weaver to enjoy the easy and meditative process of unique textile creativity and each woven piece develops its own individual character, colour, texture and style. Anyone can learn SAORI weaving!

Prue has returned to Japan many times over the years to further refine her weaving practice and now teaches others this easy and enjoyable style of weaving and sustainable textile creation at her Dyeing To Weave studio in Central Victoria.

Prue is 1 of only 3 people in Australia who are qualified to teach SAORI weaving and has a strong connection to this Japanese art through her time living and studying SAORI weaving in Japan and spending time with SAORI’s creator, Misao Jo, and her family.

Share in Prue’s enthusiasm and passion and discover this beautiful style of weaving in the SAORI weaving workshop, where you will make a gorgeous woven piece to take home.

For more information about SAORI weaving, go to Dyeing to Weave.

Class:     SAORI Weaving for Beginners (Saturday)

Lani Stanistreet

Lani Stanistreet


Lani is a professional recycler and up-cycler based in Melbourne’s inner north. She owns Not Another Hat, where she makes beautiful things from pre-loved items. Primarily, Lani reclaims raw materials from used clothing – yarn from knitwear, which she up-cycles by hand dyeing, and fabric and notions from woven clothes. The bulk of her business is selling these reclaimed raw materials, but occasionally she also sells handcrafted, one-of-a-kind items created from her recycled materials such as hats, shawls, and fabric bags.

Our ‘disposable’ world and the politics of consumption have bothered Lani for years. She has made a considered and long term commitment to live and work sustainably, and to promote a sustainable life through reusing, reclaiming and recycling. Taking action about what is broken in our world has been an energising and life changing move for her. She loves both the recycle/up-cycle community and the fibre community. They openly share knowledge, which inspires her.

Lani has a wide variety of professional, creative and teaching experience. She taught journalism at universities in NSW and Victoria, and has been a journalist, editor, communications manager, web manager, and musician. She is an accomplished knitter, dyer, stitcher, and knitwear designer. The creative arts, while always a hobby, have become something more in the past five years. She is now building a life as a creative business woman – doing what she loves all day, every day.

You can find Lani at Not Another Hat.

Classes:     Reuse Reclaim Recycle (Sunday)

Ana Mallah

Ana Mallah

Wool Embroidery

Having studied for a career in travel and tourism and worked abroad as a teacher, I soon found my interests were deeply rooted in the arts.

I have always been a creative person and as a child, was always collecting bits of scrap to make into things. Whilst pregnant with my first child, I stumbled on a craft magazine and my world, since that day 16 years ago, has been swallowed up by embroidery. I am self taught in techniques in various forms of arts and crafts, although I have specialised in hand embroidery. I now design projects – many of which have been featured in various publications. I have also worked on commissioned items for clients and on kits for companies. My biggest joy is as an embroidery teacher working for Bustle and Bows. I get to teach what I love to like minded people and find it very rewarding to help them through their embroidery journey.

Class:      Wool Embroidery for Beginners (Friday)