Accommodation on site at Tarndie is limited. However, there is a variety of beautiful and different accommodation in the surrounding towns of Birregurra, Colac, Whoorel, Forrest and Deans Marsh.  Choose from quaint b&bs, hotels and motels, historic homes and private houses. And, of course, don’t forget Airbnb and Hotels Combined!  As accommodation is not included in Wool Gathering, it’s a great advantage to be able to control the final cost of your Wool Gathering when choosing your accommodation. Go all the way with 5 star or save those extra dollars to take home some wonderful souvenirs from Tarndie’s Farmgate shop! Stash building – yes please!

Wool Gathering has started car pooling and accommodation threads in our Ravelry group for your convenience and to help you connect with others coming to the Gathering.  A great way to share camaraderie and costs!

Here are a few examples to get you started:



(just a little disclaimer: Wool Gathering does not have any affiliation with these establishments – they are purely listed as examples to give you a place to start looking!)